About Us


 Here at ValvedExhausts we thrive to sell high quality valve mufflers/cat back systems at the best pricing compared to leading competitors. We are known for our customer service and our response times.


ValvedExhausts started out as a small business in Toronto, Ontario and is growing extremely quick. We started off selling to local friends to selling worldwide and supplying to many different automotive shops around the world.


We have an extreme passion for cars and modifications, and we think every car has potential to sound amazing. We decided that valve mufflers were the best product for the car communities because not only does it allow your car to be loud and get the most potential power. It also lets your car sound stock quiet with a push of a button when you wake up in the morning or have too much drone on the highway for daily drivers.


With worldwide laws regarding loud exhaust systems it is beneficial to have our valve mufflers to prevent getting a $150-350 fine and possible insurance suspension.


All of our products are high quality which means you can daily them, and drive them through our Canadian winters without having a problem with them rusting or rotting away. All of our mufflers and catback systems are made out of 304 stainless steel or titanium, and shipped from our overseas manufacturer.


If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact us