Estimated Shipping Time
  • All orders are shipped directly from personal supplier located in China.

    North America -> 7-10 Business days

    Europe-> 7-10 Business days

    Asia-> 7-10 Business days


    Please try to be patient and understand that this pandemic has affected much businesses around the world, and many of them are still struggling. Our mission is to provide exceptionally great quality products and have you feeling safe and secure buying from our website! 


  • Everyday we are expanding our network of retailers but currently ValvedExhausts products are online only.
  • Currently we are not offering customer installs.
  • For all of our exhausts we recommend professional installation but they can be installed by you if you so choose. We recommend working with a trusted automotive specialist in your local area to install.

Customs Fee

  • There is a small customs fee that you will need to pay via UPS after the product was shipped.
  • Customs fee ranged between $15-$40


  • All orders purchased from ValvedExhausts come with a 1 year warranty. To claim warranty on a faulty product please email your date of purchase with the invoice number.